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During the Electronic Family in The Netherland, we met the DJ and producer Assaf. Well know for releasing breathe taking tracks on Black Sunset Music, we were curious to talk with him and speak about his vision of music today.

– Can you describe Black Sunset in three words ? Why ?

Music changes everything. We live for music. we breathe it, eat it, live it, it’s honestly the thing in our lives that elevates every moment and leads us towards happiness and fulfillment.

– We saw that Black Sunset has become an independent label, what it’s change ?

– Black Sunset Music was originally working independently, and we’ve spent the last two years under the wing of Armada Music. We’ve got an incredible relationship with them. Our move back to working independently is just a natural part of our growth as we explore other genres of electronic music on the label.

– Can you tell us what is plan for Black Sunset for the coming months ?

– We’ve got some incredibly talented artists from all genres of electronic music trusting us with their works. From chillout to deep house to trance, we have a vision of how the world of Black Sunset feels and sounds going into the future.

– We see that the progressive sound is more and more popular, does this influence the releases of Black Sunset ?

– The sound of Black Susnet is never really influenced by other music. We find a lot of times that by focusing strictly on great music we can actually influence musical tastes. One thing that’s for sure is that Black Sunset is known for it’s style no matter what the genre, and again our main focus is great music and solid production.

– Why is it so important for you to have differents musical genre on the label ?

– The world is never really black and white, and so are our musical tastes. Often times we’re listening to music that isn’t trance and playing that on our Black Sunset Music Podcast. It seems only natural to explore Black Sunset’s musical limits.

– If someone want to release a track on your label, is it possible ?

– Of course! All you have to do is send us your demo, we have to like it, and we can work with each other from there. It’s always best to send your demos to us via our website, We check 100% of the demos so you are guaranteed an answer, that is a promise.

– Concerning your own career, you have a radio podcast available on your Soundcloud page, can you describe your radioshow ?

– In my teenage years I was obsessed with radio. I would come home from school and use this old school radio receiver, which I connected to my computer and I would record radio digitally. I always loved how music sounded on the radio and THAT radio sound is a big driver in my show. I want people who listen to Assaf FM to have the same feeling of magic that I had growing up, wondering what music is playing, being totally immersed in the world of the show.

– We always feel a very important musicality in your tracks and no matters the style. Is it important for you to to always have beautiful melodies? Where do you find this inspiration?

– When I started making music I was 14 years old. It was a complete accident! Somehow I was drawn to the idea of creating music, sounds. My process was simple, I sit and I make melodies. Then when I knew I had a great melody I would start building the tracks around that, introductory melodies, counter melodies, whatever the case. Today this still carries over into how I work so I think that’s why the listeners always feel that my music is melodically driven. When it comes to inspiration, I’ve always been drawn to the idea of creation. I’ve been doing it for so long I couldn’t last a week without trying to make something new. It’s part of how you learn about yourself, as for me making music is more of a psychiatric session than it is about making music. For all my tracks I can listen to them after years and say WOW, now I understand “this” situation in my life from years ago, because the music was a part of me I put into song.

– Do you have some words for your French Fans?

– France has always secretly had a place in my heart. My mother is a fluent French speaker and I’ve been surrounded by all things French since I was young. And now I’m living in Brussels which is a primarily French speaking country, so even though I don’t speak it yet, life has a funny way of coming full circle, in my case en français.

You can check his new realease on Black Sunset Music here